Clifton, New Jersey
Emergency Management
Communications Team
 224.3600  -1.6 Mhz    PL 141.3

Echo Link Node # 946058

Contact Rick KB2N at [email protected] for Echo Link access.   

The KB2N Repeater is the Primary repeater used by the
Clifton Emergency Management Communications Team

and is sponsored by the
City of Clifton’s Office of Emergency Management.
The KB2N repeater is coordinated by
Metrocor and is
OPEN to all licensed Amateur Radio (HAM) operators.


During an Emergency, Incident, Weather or Special Event
within and / or around the City of Clifton,
the KB2N 224.360 repeater will be CLOSED to normal/regular amateur radio traffic.
until the Emergency, Incident and or Event has ended.

Bohn Hall
Looking East towards NYC

  The KB2N Repeater is located at Bohn Hall on the campus of beautiful Montclair State University.
Bohn Hall student residence is one of the tallest buildings on campus which sits on the edge of the First Watchung Ridge which is about 435 feet above sea level.  With the additional 16 floors of the building it’s self would bring the tip of the repeater antenna to almost 500 feet above sea level!
From this prospective the repeater has wide area coverage of North Eastern New Jersey.
The repeater it’s self is a Tait TB 8100  Heavy duty commercial grade repeater transmitting about
70 watts from the duplexer into a short run of hard line to the antenna. The antenna is a “Super Station Master” style type with 9.1 dB gain “which is located at the very top of Bohn Hall.
              Please click on banner below to see features and specifications of TB 8100